The Creative Generation, or Gen C, builds from a term utilized in consumer marketing, which is used to describe an intergenerational group of people who care deeply about creativity, culture, connection, and community. We believe that Gen C is uniquely positioned to solve society’s greatest challenges by leading creative community action.


We seek to inspire, connect, and amplify the work of individuals and organizations committed to cultivating the creative capacities of the next generation.

Context & Assumptions

The world is increasingly more complex, creating extensive challenges facing the next generation. Our societies have created strict systems which limit the autonomy of youth and their adult allies. Yet, young people have consistently demonstrated the ability to harness their creative capacities to lead community change. Thus, intervention is needed to reduce the barriers for initiating projects and initiatives and increase intergenerational and creative community action.


To achieve the mission, within the abovementioned context, Creative Generation will embark in several signature activities. First, the Campaign for a Creative Generation will commence in January 2020 to tell the stories and distribute knowledge from the field. Additionally, the organization will foster ideas and activate projects through the Gen C Institute and Gen C Incubator respectively.