Towards an Understanding of the Creative Generation


Generation C, a term taken from consumer marketing, is used to describe an intergenerational group of people who care deeply about creativity, culture, connection, and community. This research explores the term and its use within the arts, culture, and education sectors and seeks to answer the question: How do artists, educators, and community leaders effectively cultivate the creative capacities in the next generation?

By first conducting a literature review of the theoretical underpinnings of this work, an initial paper argues to move beyond the silos, which have enveloped the arts, culture and education fields, to comprehensively review the current methods of support for young people and those charged with their creative development. It concludes three questions to be explored further:

  • How can young people be supported in the pursuit of creative community action?

  • How can adults - such as artists, educators, and community leaders - be supported in their work supporting the development of young people as catalysts for creative community action? And lastly,

  • How can both young people and adults who are committed to creative community action, navigate the strict systems which govern their work?

In a second phase, a community-based participatory research approach is being utilized to interrogate the new research questions within the realm of practice among adults and youth in the U.S and abroad.

Propositions towards practice will be posed and further interrogated through a series of community gatherings held in 6 cities in the U.S. and abroad. Conclusions will then be drawn illuminating key concepts which amplify the work of individuals and organizations committed to cultivating the creative capacities of young people.