Theory of Change


We seek to inspire, connect, and amplify the work of individuals and organizations committed to cultivating the creative capacities of the next generation.

Context & Assumptions

The world is increasingly more complex, creating extensive challenges facing the next generation. Our societies have created strict systems which limit the autonomy of youth and their adult allies. Yet, young people have consistently demonstrated the ability to harness their creative capacities to lead community change. Thus, intervention is needed to reduce the barriers for instigating projects and initiatives and increase intergenerational and creative community action.


To achieve the mission, within the abovementioned context, Creative Generation will embark in four signature activities. The organization will foster ideas and activate projects through the Gen C Institute and Gen C Incubator respectively. The lesson learned from each will be amplified through the Creative Generation Leadership Academy, and promoted to the field and the public via The Campaign for a Creative Generation.


  • Stories are amplified;

  • Ideas and practices are generated and documented;

  • Participants feel connected and supported; and

  • People and projects are activated.


Increased intergenerational and creative action.


Logic Model

To better understand the interworking of the organization and its projects, we have created a Logic Model, detailing the assumptions, inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes, and results.